Pneuma keyboard render left corner view

The Pneuma is my latest keyboard design and my take on the endgame 60% that I had in the works for the past year. The name "Pneuma" or "πνεῦμα" translates from ancient greek to the word "Breath". This refers to the breath of fresh air I got while designing this board that showed me that designing my own products is want I want to do and keep doing :)


The philosophy behind the board is that I wanted to design a board that wouldn't stand out at first glance but would become more and more interesting the closer you get and the longer you look at it. This is the reason that the exterior of the Pneuma only uses fundamental shapes and doesn't have many distracting features aside from a small logo on the bottom.

The Pneuma does however have a fully screwless exterior due to the faceplate that attaches to the middle base to hide the screws used for the gasket mount. The top also has a slightly bigger slope than the typing angle. This makes most keycap profiles look more even instead of the top rows sticking out. This, together with the premium materuals and coating options, makes for a refined design and a minimal aesthetic that I'm very proud to present here :)


  • Isolation Gasket Mount
  • Custom 60% Pcb designed by NecromanX and using the ai03 daughter board
  • Fixed ISO and ANSI plates in PC, PP and CF
  • Screwless exterior
  • Aluminium tops in WKL or HHKB layout
  • Aluminium or stainless steel (testing) base and faceplate
  • Options for anodizing and cerakoting in different colors
  • 5.5 degree typing angle and 6.5 slope
  • Manufactured by the wonderfull Salvun in Belgium
  • Groupbuy will run through the lovely people over at

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